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Would you like to experience orthodontics in a boutique style,

lower volume, higher service, single location that has only one

orthodontist?  We are intentional about great relationships. 

We think you will love the experience!


Dr Matthew J. Coats and the Coats Orthodontics team are passionate about what we do: we create beautiful, healthy smiles, with care tailored to each person! You’ll finish treatment on-time, with improved oral health and a lifetime of smiles you love!

We adhere to the Golden Rule: Treat others as we would like to be treated. We will always care for you with respect, compassion, and integrity. We’ll never think of you as an anonymous number on a chart. Instead, we’ll recognize your smile, remember your name, and look forward to visits as time spent with a friend. We hope you feel the same!

Coats Orthodontics offers advanced treatment and technology, ensuring the best experience and incredible results. In addition to early (interceptive) orthodontic treatment, Dr. Coats offers traditional Steel ("Old School" Braces and Clear ("Modern") Brackets, Radiance braces are crafted from sapphires and are completely clear! Dr. Coats is also a certified Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® provider, gently creating amazing smiles using clear aligners.

We’re proud of our friendly team and upscale orthodontic practice, located in Tomball, TX. Please call to learn more about the advanced, patient-centered care we offer and schedule a complimentary consultation. We serve The Woodlands, Spring, and surrounding communities and are happy to serve you, too.

Coats’ Café

We make every attempt to have a unique orthodontic practice that amazes you!  We strive to be different in our approach to orthodontics and life!  Coats’ Café is a perfect example!  Coats’ Café serves Coats’ Corn and Coats’ Colas as an incentive for patients to cooperate during treatment.  Dr. Coats feels that due to the young age of the majority of our patients, that orthodontics is to a great extent, the first-time responsibility is paramount to success.  Without great patient cooperation, orthodontic treatment results are not excellent.  At Coats Orthodontics, we strive for orthodontic excellence for all of our patients.  As patients successfully move through orthodontic treatment, we constantly affirm them by telling them that if they can achieve success with orthodontics, this success will spill over to all areas of life.

Patients earn Coats’ Coin for three areas of responsibility.  They are as follows:

  • Excellent Personal Oral HygieneEarns One Coats’ Coin
  • All Braces Intact with No BreakageEarns One Coats’ Coin
  • Checking in on Facebook while in the OfficeEarns One Coats Coin (This Coats’ Coin is a fun bonus coin)

Patients are allowed to trade in their earned Coats’ Coins for treats at Coats’ Café or for prizes from our Coats’ Coin Conversion Center.  Patients are required to have excellent oral hygiene and no breakage in order to exchange Coats’ Coins at Coats’ Café.  This exchange system encourages responsibility.  Patients can earn three Coats’ Coins per visit.  Coats’ Coin and Coats’ Colas purchases require two Coats’ Coins each.  Thus, our system also encourages savings.  Especially if patients desire prizes from the Coats’ Coin Conversion Center.  These prizes require between ten and thirty coins for purchases.  We hope this aids in the establishment of the life habit of saving. 

Parents are allowed to enjoy Coats’ Café without earning Coats' Coins.  We have found that Coats’ Café encourages parents and patients to put down their cell phones, and interact together.  In the hurried, world of today, and the cellular telephone immersed world, we find this result to be refreshing for all.

Everyone at Coats Orthodontics looks forward to welcoming you to our orthodontic family: we can’t wait to get started on your new smile; call us, today!